Shubh Deepavali

On the occasion of Deepawali , we decided to gift the BN Pariwar some wealthy ideas and we thought one or two won’t do the justice. So we came out with two lists on two Deepawalis.

Below is tracker for the above shared ideas with entry point and date. Idea is to simplify the whole thing for you. This gets updated in the real time with lag of 15 minutes.

If you have not already, just click on the stock name and watch the videos and don’t forget to subscribe the channel. You can leave your valuable feedback in comment section of the video.

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How would we like to play?

We are fundamentally trader with short to medium term horizon so we do not like our capital being blocked and given these names are small cap or micro cap if not nano cap, we would like to have less weight in them. You can have 1-3% exposure in each stock. Make it equiwieghted.
Few stocks are cyclical in them but we have taken care of the cyclicality in study. There is no SL. Do not average down unless stock goes down as much as 10-20% from buy price. And even if it does we will have to reassess the whole thing to see if it makes sense to have it or something is broken in the heaven. You can have SL of 25% or 30% if you want but we would like to go without SL and will exit only if something becomes too painful to handle and things could be much simpler in other names.

Let us know what you think. Be generous in liking, sharing and commenting as that does not cost anything apart from few clicks.

Shubh Deepawali!

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