DNA Course

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Starts on 17 June 2023! 6 months! 27,999 fee!! Online Mode – weekend morning classes!!!

If you want to make yourself Atma Nirbhar and define your destiny in stock market, then you are at the right place. This is a 6 month long comprehensive course. Classes on weekend for first 3 months and next 3 months of handholding.

If looking for just tips to trade then it is NOT for you.

Course Structure : 

  1. Need for Stock Market
  2. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Financial Statement – P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  4. Present Value of Future Cash Flows
  5. Concept of PE – undervaluation and overvaluation
  6. ROCE & Reinvestment rate – Relation with expected FCF
  7. Reading – Credit Rating, Company Presentation, Concall & Annual Reports
  8. PE – Perception Exchange
  9. Dividend Investing
  10. Multibaggers: High growth, improving margins & ROE
  11. Technical Analysis 
  12. DistAcc
  13. Candles & Trendlines
  14. Dow Theory
  15. Candlestick Patterns 
  16. Chart Patterns – Reversal & Continuation
  17. Gap Analysis – Common Gap, Breakaway Gap, Runaway Gap, Exhaustion Gap
  18. Breakout and Reversal
  19. Moving Averages – SMA/EMA/WMA
  20. GL, SBD, SVD, SYD
  21. RSI, MACD, ADX and CCI
  22. Multi Time Frame Analysis
  23. Common Sense Approach to Market
  24. Relative Strength Analysis – Not same as RSI
  25. Multi-Year Breakout
  26. Stage Analysis – 30 WMA, Base count & Volume Reading
  27. Contraction – Snake Pattern, Inside Bar, tightness in range
  28. Risk Management & Position Sizing
  29. How to identify the big movers
  30. Exit Strategies
  31. Futures & Options – Basics & Only directional strategy based on Price Flow

You will be added to a PUMBLE workspace for discussion and content sharing during the market hours and otherwise. This Workspace will be active for at least 6 months so that you can get proper understanding and confidence. Course will have a lot of discussion on myths spread in market on both technical and fundamental side, dos and don’ts in practical scenarios, making rules for yourself to succeed in market.

This course will not touch on Harmonics, Gann Analysis and Elliot Wave Analysis but will have brief on Option chain data though not useful much as such.

The course is intended to prepare you for trading stocks and indices intraday to holding multibaggers for years. This has full range.

You will be given private access to recorded lecture for one year accessible through your registered GMAIL ID.

Course is designed comprehensively but in a freewheeling way meant to take you from scratch to Pro level clearing all your doubts. It will give you a solid foundation from basics to depth of both technical and fundamental aspects. If you are willing to put in as much as half of our efforts, there is no way you cannot make it big in the stock market. This is suitable whether you want to do it as a working professional, part time trader or full-time trader but commitment and clarity must be from your side.

Do not waste your money if you cannot give time and efforts.

Mode: Online
Language: Mix of Hindi & English. Written content only in English.
Course Duration: 150+ hours spanning over 30 classes, 4-5 hour classes on Saturdays & Sundays, 3 months of further hand holding via dedicated PUMBLEworkspace

DNA 2023: June 2023- Dec 2023

Course FEE: ₹27,999

  • UPI: bnpro@ybl
  • Name: Rahul Kumar Sahu

  • A/c No – 915010037792080
  • IFSC – UTIB0000131
  • Name – Rahul Kumar Sahu
  • Axis Bank – DLF Gurgaon

For queries: [email protected], twitter & telegram.

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