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Have you seen stocks running wild but you do not have them in your portfolio or allocation is too small to matter?

Do you take profits way before the stock has completed the run based on some target calculation?

Do you let the losses accumulate and run in the hope that stock will eventually recover then forced to exit at massive losses?

Do you lack the process to identify the stocks? Do you lack the process to enter the stock, size it properly and take profits?

The solution to these problems is knowing the inherent characteristics of the market and yourself. Once you understand inherent tendencies of the market entry, sizing and exit becomes smooth based on your set up.

We talk about stocks in a language you understand. Fix it by taking 6 month intensive DNA course on stock market covering price flow to fundamentals.

Our focus is on simplification with regret minimization at its core. Read what members have to say about the platform. We share live stock with risk measured which go into tracker. Either they will fail or work giving big rewards.

We are not concerned with what people call us – trader or investor. Our only concern is to make money by taking controlled risk in stock market. Our concern is not what a particular indicator is saying or a famous investor about particular stock. If risk can be managed and it has good upside then we will take all those opportunities.

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We have a market timing tool called – Market Pulse.

Concepts is to create mental frameworks, models which can be used in market.

Actionable Ideas is the section why you become member. A place with repositories of ideas and why they may work and what to expect if they work. We are obsessed with risk management. And we do not miss to draw the line where failure of idea will be confirmed.

There are many ideas shared with potential varying from 2x in a year to 10x in next 5 years.

Every minute saved from searching on twitter and every extra rupee earned by having membership will go long way for you.

Be Atmanirbhar not twitter celeb nirbhar. Take control of your money and put it in market knowing fully well what you are getting in.

BN Threads section is most loved by BNP. Here you can find running commentary on stocks we are covering and in general about market.

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