Narrow Market 0 (0)

When market becomes nervous due to some event or uncertainty then it either sees the whole sale sell off or becomes extremely narrow. Either way it becomes extremely difficult to make money specially in limited time duration. This problem accentuates for those looking for bigger trending moves of 50% or more. Shivalik Bimetal Controls is […]

AtmaNirbhar Bharat Theme Stock 5 (2)

Things are cyclical. Nothing in this world is linear. Some would like to argue time is one directional but then some would say even time is cyclical bringing everything back after a certain point. In that case broadly stock market is cyclical too. This takes us to next logical step of how about the stocks. […]

Can It Electrify the Portfolio? 4.5 (2)

Everything works in cycle. There is nothing that works in straight line. Stock market is no different either. If you buy something at the wrong time then despite business being good and management being good you may end up with losses. Now value investors will tell you hold it for long term if everything is […]

Time For Gov Owned Assets To Catch Fancy? 0 (0)

Neither every great company is great stock nor every bad company is bad stock. There is time for everything and one has to be able to discern one from another. PSU Banks are in interesting phase and you can gauge that by first SBI having multi year break out and later we also talked about […]

A Large Cap Idea Making Moves 5 (1)

There is wisdom in the crowd. Sum of the parts becomes better in such case and beat any individual brilliance. That is the idea behind market. Batters of free market idea, including us, rely on this fundamental concept. If you see the crowd there is everything – utter madness, stupidity, mediocrity, brilliance, godly wisdom. But […]

These Two Stocks Ready To Go Electrical? 5 (1)

In markets, nothing is guaranteed but over the period you can find some patterns and based on your experience you can see if that is repeated somewhere else. This is what price action about. Finding some patterns and watch them working, pick the abstract idea from there and apply elsewhere and expect it to work […]

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