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Best way to earn & learn.

Am writting this review after an 8 months of subscription. Even I didn’t had the confidence BNP, so I subscribed just for six months…
But during that six months I have , made more profit except one time even that I didn’t follow his stop loss strategy.. And also I did follow all his calls throughout this period. What I observed is you will learn about price action analysis in depth and other technical parts which can make the stock run fast like low float .. Also the shares he suggests not everything will give immediate run like >50% in a week but definitely in 3 months everything will give > 50% returns. Chances that many would have given you 100% also if you are able to keep those shares for 3 months atleast.
Then by December i did extended my subscription for next two years…
He also clears doubts in shares which wanna discuss with him.
I had a talked with him in December , he made me to look at different perspective on how to use your valuable money at work and the main Funda of over-all portfolio again instead of single share…
I suggest everyone to go fo this subscription if you reading this . You can’t get this calls in this value with great conviction …..

Thank you from a satisfied subscriber …..

Srivignesh Palani

Journey towards Financial Freedom

I am writing this review after 2 years of Pro-membership. If you really want to learn the art of making money peacefully along with focus on CAGR, BNP pro-membership is for you. You can learn Chart reading, Stock picking, Entry & Exit, Risk management, Portfolio allocation and much more. This is the best platform whether its for short term or long term. Faster access in Telegram and Slack add more values to it and you can discuss your ideas/query with BN & BN Parivar. This is not just a membership but a long-lasting relationship and journey towards achieving Financial Freedom.
Thank you BN 🙏

Bhavik Patel

The Magic of BNP Pro

Sharing my experience as pro over the last 6 months

I joined Pro in June 2021 after following BN on twitter for a few months. The trigger for me was BN’s focus on portfolio CAGR rather than chasing elusive multibaggers which may or may not materialise and consequently cost you in terms of opportunity cost. This was something practically nobody talks about and frankly was a light bulb moment for me.

I was a wannabe value investor prior to June 21 with a dismal portfolio CAGR of 10% over a period of almost 4 years. The concept of stoploss was alien and uncomfortable and I had difficulty in booking profit at 40-50% which were the backbone of BN’s methods.

I switched almost 70-80% of my portfolio to BN stocks and aided by beginner’s luck gained 25% at portfolio level in June and 11% in July. My portfolio reached its peak in July and since then moved like a yo yo in that range from August to December.

Though the market was weak in this period, I know a lot of pro members made good money in this period. I realised that I needed to fix things and though BN made many offers on Pro channel offering 1 on 1 help to any member who had trouble executing, I realised mine was a mindset problem and first I needed to fix that.

I implemented 3 changes starting December.
1) I had a big problem with booking losses. I would stick to stocks that had hit stoploss knowing that most of BN’s picks run eventually and there was also fear that the stock would shoot up after I sold at a loss making me feel like a fool. I finally realised that this was greatly harming my portfolio and there was much higher probability of the stock I shifted to doing well rather than the stock that had hit stoploss. I have become ruthless with stoploss since then, booking out the same day.

2) Inability to book profits. I was unable to follow BN’s scheme for booking profit ( booking part profits at 40% and 60% or at 20,40 and 60%) This was because I generally allocate 3-5% to each stock in my portfolio and once the allocation went below 3% after taking part profit, I would completely lose interest in the stock as even if it did well after that, it wouldn’t make much difference at portfolio level. I had given up very significant gains owing to not having a selling strategy. I then decided that I would book out once a stock retraced 10% from high in most stocks and 15% from high in very high conviction stocks. The stock may still explode after I have booked out, but if it goes down further, then some profit is a lot better than no profit.

3) Avoiding information overload. There was a time I was following more than 100 people on twitter discussing sundry stocks. At the time of becoming Pro, I had reduced this to 5. Starting December, I reduced this further to 1, i.e BN. I might still read up some other ideas but don’t put my money in any non BN Pro idea. My ultimate goal is to be able to generate and trade my own ideas, but till I reach that stage, I am sticking to one person (BN) and one strategy.

With these small tweaks and a lot of help from the market, my portfolio is again doing well since December. It crossed the July high in early January and went further up over last week or so. I have a return of 13% in January so far and about 50% at portfolio level since June 21. My understanding of the market has increased significantly largely due to the excellent video content shared by BN, in particular the Pro Meet Videos. Thank you so much BN ?

Update: Market fell big in February, followed above profit booking strategy. Managed to restrict portfolio drawdown to 10%, ruthlessly executing stoploss. Since March, have dramatically decreased no. of stocks in the portfolio, a concept BN has been stressing greatly upon in Pro video meets. Have been allocating big to core BNP Pro bets, particularly where BN says ‘Don’t Miss’. Have been richly rewarded as a result, with portfolio at all time high.

Puneet Gulati

Come… Trade…. and Pay Taxes in 6 Digits

It starts when i had sold all my holdings in April 2020 after starting somewhere in 2017. I had plans to never ever touch again the market and related stuff. Then comes the September 2020, i started discussing results and trade taken on this Forum…still no active trade taken. Somewhere near November 2020, got convinced with ideas and decided to walk on the left “Road to Financial Freedom”.
There were 2 goals, 1. To make more than 6% a month 2. To pay Taxes more or similar to current Salaried part.

Now after having some 15 odd months of journey, following are the results:
For FY21-22
1. Yes, I did make more than 6% a month (On an average at compounded rate)
2. About to pay taxes similar to Salaried part (Next Target is to beat CTC with Returns)

Now, comes the further improvement part…. 1. Out of 57 traded instruments, 26 were in profit and 31 goes in loss (execution part belong to me which i would like to make better as time progresses). Thanks to Risk management part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25r0FwgchAs&list=PL4K6pi0C37y8X7f3vN7P-orxIzalguJ1z&index=19)

There are other much relevant stuff one should visit, watch and learn on https://www.youtube.com/c/BhartiyNiveshak

Till then…Lets Trade. Will again post the in continuation results for FY22-23


Join the community to learn and earn

If you are a first time into stock market like me and followed TV picks /social media without any understanding of stock market like Risk reward, when to buy, how much to buy, when to sell (tl;dr technical analysis), you are in right place. Even if you are not, you will definitely have a different perspective to stock market after you listen to the discussion, analysis done. At same time, here you won’t be learning about pure technical analysis like webinars. Many freemium stuff on internet for those. Come hear to apply some theory while picking.

Don’t make same mistake as me buying high selling in low/consolidation.

1) Catch the trend of market early and pick less known stock with good fundamental and technical.

2) You will view stock market from different perspective. BN is a logical person and finds logic behind everything. People misunderstand Buffet quotes and become long term investor. Ultimately you are here to make money. Don’t buy for 5yr. Who knows the future of that many years. See the BN youtube playlist atleast once and come to read testimonials. You will understand what I am saying I promise. Many things I learnt here.

3) One important mantra here is earn money with less headache and time spent on screen. Many stuff are shared publically as well. You can earn money. But join the pro community for lot of discussion in chat, frequent video calls, detailed explanation of the reasoning behind the picks, trend of market etc.
The lessons will be totally different from what is floating in market in the name of Buffet and other investors.
We are neither a intra day trader nor a long term investor. It is mix of both. Find good company at good entry point and have 30-40% profit minimum in 2-3 months or early, if stoploss hit, exit. Don’t chase multibagger as noone knows when it will be one. I have fallen to the story and stock has consolidated for months giving negligible returns or even loss.

Come here to learn and earn seamlessly!

Sidhanta Choudhury

Rejoined as Pro

I have rejoined as Pro number after a year again, main reason was I thought I will be able to do my own studies and pick the stock but doing that I realised I spent lot of time studying fundamentals and less on technical , even if stoploss is hit I stick to stock because of effort I have put in study . Being BN pro you can get fix set of stock from expert and can do your own study simultaneously.

Ms A jain

Amazing clarity of thought

It has been quite refreshing to see someone laser focussed on i) Price Action and ii) making and helping members make money. This has been a common feature across all posts and threads. BN brings the reader consistently back to what really matters. It has been a great learning for a person like me who was keen to pick up Price action analysis. The no-nonsense approach and the clarity of thought in the posts have motivated me to looks at new charts and understand PA myself!
Amazing work and keep up the good work. Look forward to learning from you in the future as well!


Great opportunity to build wealth

Thanks to BN, I have completely transformed my fear of direct investing in stocks and also changed from being a Value Investor to Price Action trader.
I never invested directly in stocks post 2008 crash, and was only investing through MFs. Through BN’s strategy of looking at Charts apart from fundamentals and following strict SL, maintaining position sizing, etc I got renewed confidence to invest directly and take more calculated risks. I am Enjoying the daily learning and growing along with the BN team ??

Rohan Khanna

Performance record

BN – I was calculating my returns performance and thought I’ll do this math and share it here as well. Since I joined BNP in march 21, my IRR (net of annual taxes paid) has been 36%. If I hadn’t sold stocks to pay my taxes, gross would have been much higher. Perhaps close to 41-42%. (This also accounts for the stocks which I sold down at the beginning since you recommended that they weren’t good and hence booked losses early in my journey). More importantly I realised that this was accompanied with far less stress vs the earlier period where I was just too focused on value investing and turned up disappointed when it didn’t work out. So, Thanks for everything and introducing me to the concept of Price action!

Karthik Srinivasan


While scrolling Twitter, I came across this catching name “BHARTIYA NIVESHAK” and I immediately started following and tracking the shares shared by him… soon I realized potential and took 1 month membership. First trade given after joining was Linde India… it was not given as is… a proper note / explanation why this trade could do well. I liked and invested INR 20k to test…and it paid handsomely (2x). I immediately gifted my self 2 years membership of Bhartiya Niveshak… the best investment I could make..
No looking back after this, some of the key learning during the last 1 year or so…
a) Risk management is key…(Use to average down person now I cut losses as soon as it hits our SL)
b) No emotional attachment with stocks (earlier I use to like Aditya Birla stock/reliance stock and always remain invested in one of their shares)
c) Follow trading strategy (Earlier strategy was to find good fundamental stock, now following stocks breakout with volume or stocks consolidated with low volume base, waiting patiently to move up or exit at SL.)
d) Learning continues…Pro meet, look for in between lines suggestions shared by BN e.g. trailing loss concept (earlier I use to follow fixed SL).
e) It is all about process and discipline to follow that process.

1st year was full of learning with monetary gains as well…2nd year time to build up on those learning…

Personally like the way he explains in simple & effective way…examples put across are real life examples and one can relate to those easily.. He has exceptionally good industry knowledge…

Vineet Hans

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