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Wealth creation with inside knowledge of stock Market

This is best platform where one can get deep & simple analysis of stocks & also new ideas in parallel with wealth creation.


Thankyou for the astounding trades

Firstly at the outset ,let me tell you I love the markets but am a very cautious investor . I am the types who will not put big allocation to stocks unless they are proven bluechips with excellent standards of corp governance . I am also the types who will want to buy as many good stocks as possible with small qty in each and I am begining to realise that it damages the portfolio returns. However I attribute this just to the risk averse nature of mine where it’s not just about capital appreciation but also capital protection. Eg if there are 5 good stocks and I have X Vitamin M(paisa), I will buy all 5 with say x/5 in each instead of putting all x in one where I have strongest conviction.

I chanced upon BN twitter somewhere in November 2020 and I liked the way he used to tweet (it was not just a buy X,sell x or someone holding bragging rights). There was something different about the way he used to tweet. I decided to take his 2 year membership somewhere in Feb for 15k(625 per month ). Well it was one excellent decision I must say and I will tell why.

The investor or person I am,I would never have touched Adani stocks with a bargepole as they have cash flow issues , their screener metrics look not good ,their valuations are absurd and there is too much alleged proximity to the ruling party in power. However the manner in which BN was confident about Adani gas and Adani enterprises, I decided to enter both . I entered Adani gas around 500 in feb and enterprises around 1075 in March I guess. I exited both at 1647 and 1700 on Friday 5th June making it a clear 3.3 x for Adani gas in 3 months and 50 percent appreciation in enterprises in 2.5 months. I don’t think I ever made such high percentage profit as I did in Adani gas ever in such short time on any stock Knowing me, I wld have exited it at max 40-50 percent gains but BN said, hold onto it and I did . I exited both as I wanted my profits to look real ,their valuations were looking absurd and I got scared seeing it’s eps growth, peg,pe,price/sales etc. I somehow did not want to take more risk with a company that has mcap more than combined of mgl,guj gas , igl etc with revenues much lower than each.

There are other trades too like shakti pumps ,tci where it was a good 40-45 percent in 2-3 weeks .

Did I get my membership worth back- I think it surpassed all my expectations . Moreso I trust BN now and I hope to continue the journey with him always.Its not just about the trades ,I like the way he is unbiased towards companies ,his funda is simple – we are here to make good cagr and there should be no biases towards any company ,just trust what the price volume action says(I don’t understand technicals). What I like most about the site – actionable ideas and tracker section. It’s a one stop shop of all ideas with links to each idea on the rationale behind it.

I just need to work on my own mindset of being too risk averse which I have started

Thankyou BN and keep rocking and growing.


Really like the tracker. It

Really like the tracker. It helps me to go through all the stocks in a single glance. It may be difficult for me to follow the content daily, so the tracker helps. Also the hyperlink to the related article or tweets is also a great feature.


Learning with Earning

BN has given so many ideas to make insane amount of money alongwith the logics and learning behind the same.

Thank you for giving so many ideas which has generated crazy money.

Akshay Jain

Come… Trade…. and Pay Taxes in 6 Digits

It starts when i had sold all my holdings in April 2020 after starting somewhere in 2017. I had plans to never ever touch again the market and related stuff. Then comes the September 2020, i started discussing results and trade taken on this Forum…still no active trade taken. Somewhere near November 2020, got convinced with ideas and decided to walk on the left “Road to Financial Freedom”.
There were 2 goals, 1. To make more than 6% a month 2. To pay Taxes more or similar to current Salaried part.

Now after having some 15 odd months of journey, following are the results:
For FY21-22
1. Yes, I did make more than 6% a month (On an average at compounded rate)
2. About to pay taxes similar to Salaried part (Next Target is to beat CTC with Returns)

Now, comes the further improvement part…. 1. Out of 57 traded instruments, 26 were in profit and 31 goes in loss (execution part belong to me which i would like to make better as time progresses). Thanks to Risk management part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25r0FwgchAs&list=PL4K6pi0C37y8X7f3vN7P-orxIzalguJ1z&index=19)

There are other much relevant stuff one should visit, watch and learn on https://www.youtube.com/c/BhartiyNiveshak

Till then…Lets Trade. Will again post the in continuation results for FY22-23


Perfect Place to Create Good Wealth

You Guys Are AWESOME.. HOW you Crack the Stocks with such perfection is still unknown… But whatever you have told mostly all are running perfect…

Abhishek Poddar

Joining BN is best decision of Life!!!!

Lot of things to Say and express but probably will become too lengthy.

There is No other than BN if you want to get succeeded in stock market journey. He has unmatchable skills on everything. He is master in true sense. He is great FORTUNER and giving great fortune to BN family which generally nobody does nowadays.

BN made my journey from Loss making to Profit making and that too in Double digit CAGR on yearly basis. He has taught so many great trading skills with giving massive amount of time to BN family. Without BN, I am sure i would not have this skills.

Thanks to BN for accepting our request to start the DNA course and gave infinite knowledge on market. (Will post separate testimonial for DNA). This has completely transformed me as a market participant and elevated my performance from good level of double digit CAGR to superb level of double digit CAGR performance.

BN made me Aatamnirbhar trader and i will always be indebted to him.

My Journey of FORTUNE started!!!

Those who are really searching for a right MENTOR and also want to change his/her fortune, Do join and Atleast Try!!!

#BN ki Guarantee Hain!! And # Yaha Paisa pakka banta hain.


Rejoined as Pro

I have rejoined as Pro number after a year again, main reason was I thought I will be able to do my own studies and pick the stock but doing that I realised I spent lot of time studying fundamentals and less on technical , even if stoploss is hit I stick to stock because of effort I have put in study . Being BN pro you can get fix set of stock from expert and can do your own study simultaneously.

Ms A jain

Join the community to learn and earn

If you are a first time into stock market like me and followed TV picks /social media without any understanding of stock market like Risk reward, when to buy, how much to buy, when to sell (tl;dr technical analysis), you are in right place. Even if you are not, you will definitely have a different perspective to stock market after you listen to the discussion, analysis done. At same time, here you won’t be learning about pure technical analysis like webinars. Many freemium stuff on internet for those. Come hear to apply some theory while picking.

Don’t make same mistake as me buying high selling in low/consolidation.

1) Catch the trend of market early and pick less known stock with good fundamental and technical.

2) You will view stock market from different perspective. BN is a logical person and finds logic behind everything. People misunderstand Buffet quotes and become long term investor. Ultimately you are here to make money. Don’t buy for 5yr. Who knows the future of that many years. See the BN youtube playlist atleast once and come to read testimonials. You will understand what I am saying I promise. Many things I learnt here.

3) One important mantra here is earn money with less headache and time spent on screen. Many stuff are shared publically as well. You can earn money. But join the pro community for lot of discussion in chat, frequent video calls, detailed explanation of the reasoning behind the picks, trend of market etc.
The lessons will be totally different from what is floating in market in the name of Buffet and other investors.
We are neither a intra day trader nor a long term investor. It is mix of both. Find good company at good entry point and have 30-40% profit minimum in 2-3 months or early, if stoploss hit, exit. Don’t chase multibagger as noone knows when it will be one. I have fallen to the story and stock has consolidated for months giving negligible returns or even loss.

Come here to learn and earn seamlessly!

Sidhanta Choudhury

Beyond my expectation

Accuracy of this BNP pro group is more than 92%. , I know this guy will break record of every world famous trader.

Sarvesh Gupta

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