A General Purpose Tracker for Muhurat Picks


Stock market is game of probabilities. Just because something has higher probability to happen that does not guarantee the success still. For any guarantee you either need probability of 1 which is certainty of event happening or 0 which is certainty of event not happening. Our job as stock market participant is to add dimension, nuance, edge to increase the probability of stock going in our favour. Never take anything for granted and specially not in the stock market.

We have converted last year’s specific tracker for Deepawali picks to general purpose Deepawali Picks tracker.

You can access it here and it is publicly available.

As you can see if last year’s Deepawali Stocks were held till today you would be up by 140%+ on average and if you were little smart like did not wait for HIL, Vaibhav Global, GPIL to break down and managed to get out of laggards like Bharat Parenterals, Shree Digvijay and SHK you would end up with massive gains. Probably tripling the money in one year.

That of course was mind boggling and nobody knows what next year might do.

Okay. that was little bit of a lie. We did know what is coming for the year that has just gone by and some of you with us since then would recall it. In fact we said something to that effect in public too. You can leave your comment and feedback on below tweet. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Posts on the platforms of BN are our perspective on the market. These are purely meant for learning purposes. The perspective provided should not be construed as investment advice or solicitation to trade. We may have positions in the stock mentioned. You agree to make no trade relying on the above contained information fully or partly. By using the content, you agree to these T&Cs.

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