Gardening & Market Psychology


Market is more like a forest. Everything is there. Some have seasonal impacts when they flower and give fruits and others take few years to come into that cycle.

You want to create your own garden picking seeds and plants from that forest. That garden is your portfolio.

You will plant some varieties 8-10 of them at least even if you just like one particular kind of rose. That’s because some diversity helps. And some or the other will make you happy with fruits, flowers or even shiny green big leaves at one time or another.

Whatever you have planted some of those plants will die and some seedlings will never turn to proper plant. That’s just nature.

The bad part about this whole exercise is whatever has to die will likely die first giving you heart wrenching agony.

The good part about this whole exercise of gardening was you knew some of those plants will die but those which survive if not cut by you pre-maturely will likely compensate for all that agony. In fact they will give you the reward of peace, satisfaction and happiness as they grow bigger with a lot of flower and fruits in times to come.

Question is will you be there with patience when it all will be happening? Or will you rather cut the growing trees in the fear that they might die as well in a while giving you more pain as young plants dying is not that abnormal but grown ones? That certainly is.

Waiting for your answer!

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