Questions for 2023 … and Beyond!


Asking the right questions is the single most important ability the high achievers have. They have this, almost, magical ability to quickly figure out what matters and focus just on that. Let’s start 2023 with some questions.

  • Say you are at ground zero in your life and can build from here the way you want, what will you stop first (Shiv ji)? What are the things that you will continue (Vishnu ji)? What are the things that you will start (Brahma ji)?
  • Things that you decided to continue need increased focus and more energy. Let’s think of reasons why you started something? What was the drive behind it? What changed later on that you lost focus and energy for it?
  • Do you focus enough on the things you have control over? Do you waste too much time and energy on things over which you have little to no control?
  • Do you think enough about tomorrow to do something good today? Think how to spend less time next month on things that take an hour today? What if done this week can make your year better?
  • If you were watched by ten other people will you still be spending your twenty four hours the way you do currently?
  • What are your broad aims for this year? Do you have any understanding about how to get there? What are the systems and processes you will need for them to become reality?
  • re you spending the most time with best people even if virtually? You eventually become more like who you spend your most time with. Do you spend more of your time with those who dare to dream beyond what most other people consider possible? Do you spend more time with those who give you bigger challenges to solve and ideas if you are already dealing with challenges?

Hope these questions and their answers will prepare you better for 2023 and beyond!!

Happy New Year 2023!! Waiting for your comments below.

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